5 Common Myths Physical Activity Myths Debunked

When it comes to HEALTH everyone has a word to say about it. Even you!

Irrespective of the health conditions, some health advice is drilled into our thoughts. Our heads are continuously bombarded with such never-ending advice every time we talk on any subject relevant to health.

Don’t eat oily foods. Maintain a healthy weight. Don’t smoke. Sleep for 8 hours.

I’m sure you can surely add many others to this list. Staying physically active is also a part of this health advice we get to hear from all and sundry. Especially if you have experienced any health condition recently, you can agree on how many times you have heard this.

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I have heard renowned cancer specialists blaming physical activity for cancer causation.

How important is physical activity for you?

Is the absence of physical activity detrimental to your overall health? Let’s explore the facts.

Here are the 6 health consequences of physical inactivity you need to understand.

1- Obesity

2- Diabetes

3- Blood pressure

4- Heart issues

5- Cancer

Physical activity can surely help to improve your physical. Here are the common myths about physical inactivity that you need to be mindful of.

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1- Exercise can drain your energy

In the first place, anyone who is beginning to work out can feel tired. If you are suffering from a health issue you can get tired after performing a bit of physical activity but remember physical activity doesn’t drain your energy. With regular physical activity, your stamina can improve. Other than this, physical activity also improves your mental health and helps you enjoy a more peaceful sleep at night.

2- Not using your muscles will turn them into fat

This is another commonly heard misconception about physical activity. Many people believe that not using your muscles can turn them into fat. However, it is not true. Both logically and biologically!

 You can’t turn one of the cells into another type of cell. You can lose muscles if you don’t consume enough protein but even, in this case, your muscles will never convert to fat.  

3- Weight training can bulk you up so, lose weight first

Weight training is a popular physical activity that is preferred by both men and women. It is commonly believed that weight training can make you bulky. This is one particular concern for women so, it is often advised to lose weight first before beginning weight training.

The fact is that weight training expands your muscles that can make you look bulky. Here it is important to consider the role of fat along with muscles. If you tend to gain muscle while losing fat you will look skin but if your fat will remain at the place and you will gain muscles on it, you will look bigger or bulky.

4- You can get a flat belly if you are working on your abdominal muscles

Belly fat is what concerns most people. Many people believe that you will lose belly fat if you are working on your abdominal muscles. But that’s not the complete part. To lose your belly fat, you also need to work on muscles other than your abdominal muscles. Not only this, but intake of nutritionally sufficient food is also a requirement to lose fat, said a renowned nutritionist while addressing a webinar on fitness and nutrition.

5- Your exercise is only effective if it hurts

If you have just joined the gym you must have heard that if your exercise isn’t hurting it isn’t beneficial for you. But you definitely need to understand this and here’s why.

Exercise only hurts your muscles when there is an accumulation of certain acids in your muscles. This acid accumulation results in the pH drop that stimulates your pain receptors causing the feeling of pain. Muscle pain just indicates that you are probably working out too much or doing a high-intensity workout. You can benefit from the exercise even if your muscles aren’t fatigued to this extent.

Bottom Line!

 Physical activity is essentially a requirement of good physical and mental health. However, there is always a right way to do it. Thus. You mustn’t believe these myths on physical activity or get assistance from the fitness trainer to help you with the physical activity.

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