7 Fun & Productive Things You Can Do on Laptop When Bored

Your computer is a multi-functional device that allows you to work and relax in several different ways. Right from creating documents to preparing presentations to design digital marketing collateral to watching entertainment shows, there is a lot you can do on the device. 

If you need instant entertainment, your computer, whether Windows or Mac, gives you multiple options. You can chat with your friends, watch a horror movie, play an online game, or just Google yourself for fun. Let’s take a look at some of the computer pastimes in more detail.

#1. Watch Movies or Listen to Music

YouTube is a powerhouse of entertainment where you can watch movies, daily soaps, live competitions, cricket match highlights, or listen to your favorite music track. Search for a trending topic or Subscribe to a channel to get the latest updates. 

It’s a great place to search for the latest music videos, songs, artists, lyrics, and albums. If you are an avid gamer, try out YouTube Gaming to find the latest gaming-specific updates. You can play games and check out news related to the latest launches.

#2. Fix Technical Issues

If you have got nothing to do, you can spend time fixing various issues that can improve your computer system’s performance. It can be the sound issue, mic problem, AirPlay issues, or something similar. Though fixing sound and mic issues is quite simple, and you can handle them just effortlessly, fixing AirPlay can take time. 

With AirPlay, you need to figure out the actual reason that is causing problems. Whether your AirPlay has stopped working following an update, unable to stream content from TV, iPhone, iPad, etc., or you are not able to see AirPlay in the Control Center, there must be a reason that is causing the problem. Visit the link to check out various ways to fix AirPlay related problems. 

#3. Create Custom YouTube Videos

YouTube allows you to create your own videos on any topic of interest and go viral. You can put your ideas and imaginations to reality and make something interesting that attracts an audience. You can use filters and effects to make your video more engaging. 

Based on your interest, you can create travel vlogs, review smartphones, play instruments, sing songs, share recipes, or inform the audience with technology updates. Lifehack videos are an excellent way to tell the audience something new that might help them in day-to-day life. 

#4. Listen to a Podcast

If you have ever enjoyed listening to radio shows, you will also enjoy podcasts that cover tons of topics. You can find and listen to podcasts on various streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple. The content is delivered directly to the listener in the form of audio or video. 

When you subscribe to a podcast feed, you receive the latest content as soon as it is available. Since they are delivered digitally, they are the cost-effective mode of sharing and transforming information with a wide number of audiences. You can listen to the podcasts on the go and can transfer them to the smartphone, iPod, iPad, or any other digital device. 

#5. Plan a Dream Vacation

Browse the web to explore thousands of new destinations off the beaten track and discover exotic islands. Use Google Maps to learn about new countries and suburbs and find more information about the people, cultures, traditions, and more. This will help you know more about the world’s geography. 

See images of the cities that you find interesting, and then plan your holiday to explore the most popular locations. You can book your flight tickets on various travel websites and can find, locate, compare, and purchase hotel reservations according to your budget and other preferences. 

#6. Back Up Your Computer 

If you are looking for only fun activities, this is something that can sound boring. Backing up your data is important as it prevents information loss by enabling you to restore all the contents in the event of a hard drive failure or other technicalities. It is worth spending your precious time on running a data backup task.

You can create an account on iCloud for saving data to the drive and get 5 GB of free storage. In your free time, you can move important files to iCloud and view them on any Apple device running on the same Apple ID. 

#7. Learn to Draw & Sketch on Laptop

Editing your images or videos using some graphic tools is something that you must be well aware of. To polish your creative skills, you may learn to draw different characters using drawing applications. You can join online courses to learn to draw cartoon characters or beautiful landscapes. 

You can learn the art of creating secondary colors using primary colors. Moreover, you can understand the way to use a color palette to display shades from lighter to darker tones. Drawing and sketching are endless fun, and you can spend hours learning new things. 

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