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How YouTube Ads can Grow Your Business

Social media marketers often overlook YouTube marketing. That’s because some consider it a social media network while others take it as an online video streaming platform. But the fact is that there are endless marketing scopes on this platform.

With over 500 hours of videos uploaded per minute, result-oriented YouTube marketing is easy and effective. In this context, you will find YouTube ads ruling the scene when it comes to promoting visual matter on the platform or through search engines.

YouTube advertisements allow businesses and individuals to maximize their reach. And the best thing about these ads is they can easily be configured to increase video viewership and boost impact.

Different advertisements can be intermingled into lengthier videos, or a single ad can appear before the content a user wants to watch. There are different ways in which these YouTube ads can work for businesses.

Now, let’s take a look at how to use these advertisements to achieve business growth:

1. Come Up with a YouTube Channel

Your first objective in using YouTube for the advertisement of your products and services should be creating a YouTube channel. This will give you a location to add several videos and even your advertisement.

Make sure you select a catchy title for the channel, as the name of your channel will have a major impact on your business branding strategy and even on your SEO ranking. That being said, your title should include some of the most relevant keywords.

2. Know About Your Target Audience

If you are on YouTube, all set to create advertisements that will boost the growth of your business, chances are you know that your target audience is on the platform. If, by any chance, you do not have the target audience here, then there’s no use advertising on the platform.

Well, if you have just started on YouTube, put aside some time and learn about the platform’s demographics. Acquire quantitative data entailing where the users are located, predominant age, and the users’ viewing preferences.

If you are a business serving the younger generation, know that the generation will be more interested in watching short-form content. Also, work on finding qualitative data. This entails what kind of videos work on the platform and many other related elements.

Since you now have a YouTube channel, it will give you easy access to YouTube Analytics which will help you know more about YouTube audiences. If there are viewers for your posts and if they have left comments, go through them to find out about their preferences and interests.

Try comparing your audience on YouTube with the audiences on the other social media platforms. Also, work on finding out the type of content your audience likes consuming and use it for brainstorming different video ideas.

Proper planning will always help you out. Plan and create content for the target audience, and even for the audience you already have.

3. Optimize Your Business Profile

You will have to fill up the description of your company or brand when creating a YouTube channel. This is a must, and you should never take it for granted. Put in good time in setting up the description. This is crucial because the majority of the visitors on your page will go through your description first. This requires optimizing your business bio, but how do you do this?

Simple- add links to the description. Try adding links that easily link back to your business site. The process will help you drive in a lot of traffic not just on your site but even on all your social media accounts.

Target keywords within the first 70 characters of the description. This way, when people search for the related keywords, your video on the platform will appear on the first page of the results.

4. Create the Best YouTube Ad and Upload It

Now that your YouTube channel is up and running, it is time for you to create a stunning advertisement. Make sure the length of your ad is between 1 min 45 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Above everything else, ensure that the first 3 seconds of the ad contain everything you want to convey. That’s important because, after these 3 seconds, people will skip to something else. So, it is crucial that you have a clear idea of the context of the platform and thus add value to your YouTube ad.

The most compelling part of your advertisement should be placed within the 30 seconds mark to get more results from your video. By compelling content on YouTube, it means content that offers solutions to the consumers’ problems or explains how they need to do certain things or use certain products.

5. Research Competition

Competitive analysis will bring you great results when you choose to advertise on YouTube. Just like all the other platforms, YouTube is highly competitive. Hence, conducting a thorough audit of your competitors will help you see how your channel is doing. It will also help you identify where your opportunities reside.

Start your research by identifying only two to three competitors in the beginning. Next, record important metrics like viewership statistics and subscriber counts. This will help you in using the same benchmarks for the success of your channel.

Go through descriptions and titles for identifying the keywords your competitors use. Also, go through the comments on their videos to know what people think about them. If you are in strong competition with certain brands on YouTube, chances are their audiences will overlap with yours.

Final Steps towards Business Growth

YouTube ads go a long way in raising brand awareness and in serving as effective marketing tools. Not only this, they even serve as valuable remarketing tools provided you know the right way of using them.


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It is difficult to harness the full potential of these ads if you are not experienced as a YouTube marketer. But with time and patience, you can acquire good skills in creating ads and in setting them up for performance.

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